Multi Purpose Cleaner

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  • GT2 Pro

    £7.46 (excl. VAT)

    Professional multi-functional vehicle preparation cleaner, a true all-rounder.

  • GT2 PRO

    £8.93£229.56 (excl. VAT)

    Professional multi-functional vehicle preparation cleaner.
    A powerful caustic free formulation suitable for cleaning a wide range of automotive surfaces from wheels and paintwork to interior plastics and trim. Apply by trigger or pressure sprayer at the required dilution, allow time to loosen soiling and rinse off with clean water. For use through a pressure washer, set the metering valve to reach the desired effect and rinse thoroughly with clean water. In hot weather, make sure the vehicle is cool before applying GT2 PRO, do not allow to dry on paintwork..

  • General Purpose Cleaner – 5Ltr/25Ltr/200Ltr

    £9.75£32.50 (excl. VAT)

    This product is a superb multi-purpose cleaner and deodoriser developed to clean a multitude of hard and soft surfaces such as walls, floors, worktops and upholstery/plastics.

  • GP Extra

    £14.50£235.70 (excl. VAT)

    Containing a carefully balanced blend of solvent, surfactant and alkaline cleaning materials.