Ride On Floor Scrubber Driers

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  • Lavor Professional Comfort XXS 66BT CMP

    £8,525.24 (excl. VAT)

    Equipped with:

    • Designed for the maintenance and deep cleaning of large areas (up to 3200 m2.) with a very important reduction of cleaning cost.
    • Very compact size and great maneuverability like walk behind models: suited for maintenance cleaning.
    • 32 kg. of constant pressure on the brushes.
    • Double counter rotating brush (66 cm of scrubbing width) obtaining better stability and constant pressure.
    • Great working autonomy thanks to the possibility to use 4 batteries 6 V 240 Ah and to rear wheel-drive.
    • Large load tank capacity (real load of 85 l. ), resulting in reduced numbers of stops and maximum use of battery for effective operation of the machine.
    • Ergonomic steering wheel of new design with user friendly controls and digital display.
    • Easy access to electrical components.
    • Inspection cover for fast and easy cleaning and sanification of  dirt water tank.
    • Automatic device that stops brushes and detergent water outflow when the machine is stationary.
    • Self-levelling brush plate.
    • Automatic detergent dosing system.