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New Regulations

The Control of Poisons and Explosives Precursors Regulations 2023

An amendment to the Poisons Act 1972 regarding the supply of Explosives Precursors and Poisons comes into effect as of October 1st, 2023.

These amendments mean that we are legally obliged to obtain certain information before we can supply certain products.

 Products are:

  • Ali Wheel Red Acid

 Accordingly, this will mean we require:  

  • the business customer’s name and address. If the business customer is not an individual, the name of an individual who is authorised on behalf of the business customer should be recorded;
  • a form of photographic identification of the business customer or, if the business customer is not an individual, of the individual making the purchase;
  • a statement of the nature of the business customer’s trade, business or profession, or of the public function that the business customer performs; and
  • the business customer’s VAT registration number if the business customer has such a number.


As a means for us to record this information you will need to complete the EPP 2023 Declaration form, along with a copy of a photographic ID (such as a passport, driving licence, trade ID card, business ID card) for the individual that your company authorises to purchase these materials. On the form, you must state the purpose for which each product is purchased.

You also need to understand your legal obligations under the Act, particularly regarding the reporting of loss, theft or suspicious activity.

If you are reselling these products, you will need to comply with the Poisons Act 1972.

Further information can be found at


If you have any further questions, please contact a member of the Chemisure Team.