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More than 20 years of experience in the field of automotive Valeting has made us a pioneer and a leader within this specialised sector. We have both the knowledge and the expertise to give us a keen and unparalleled insight into exactly what is required by our clients in terms of creating the best products for different specifications of vehicle preparation.

And what’s more, because our clients have unique needs, our close working relationship with our manufacturing partners has allowed us to create and offer the very best in precise bespoke chemicals to suit your needs exactly. The Chemisure spectrum of superlative covers all your needs from shampoos, upholstery cleaners, wheel cleaners and even stronger to remove those stubborn stains.

In addition, Chemisure is excited to also be able to offer many products within the “Roar” range.  The products available compliment the Chemisure range creating the perfect partnership for all your high-end detailing requirements

We are excited to offer a full technical support network for our product range with either onsite training, guidance and useful advice on how best to use our products ensuring maximum efficiency for the professional finish. Our product angel is available to offer his guidance on any queries you may have within our range following years of knowledge and hands on experience in the valeting sector