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Here at Chemisure we take our responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint very seriously, we regularly review our efforts in working with the 3 R’s of how we can “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

We understand the importance of sustainability and is a important factor when making decisions within the business ensuring we are intending to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Chemisure ISO 9001
Chemisure 14001 Certification

ISO Accreditations

Holding our ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accreditations ensures that as a business we are managing our compliance obligations and working towards a greener future. Using our management systems this allows us to maintain and implement quality services fulfilling our Customers expectations.

Re-use & Recycle Plastics

Our drivers upon delivery of your orders will collect any Chemisure plastic containers which are then returned to our manufacturers for them to reuse or recycle. We are conscious of lowering plastic wastage so work closely with our Customers to ensure we are maximising the return of empty containers for re-use.

Chemisure Container Forever

Container Forever Scheme

In line with our long-standing tradition of environmentally-friendly operations, Chemisure is proud to offer our “Container Forever” innovation. Switching to a 205-litre barrel with the use of a wall mixer this system not only allows for maximum chemical efficiency by eliminating waste but more importantly reduces the use of plastic.

Utilising this combined system not only assists with minimising plastic but also offers a cost saving to you as our customer.


In our effort to push the boundaries of technology while limiting our carbon footprint through devising proprietary paperless solutions, all relevant COSHH data sheets can be found via our QR code which is also present on the label of the products.

Chemisure COSHH Data sheets
Detail Range COSHH
Detail Range COSHH
Chemisure logo

Paperless System

To assist with the effort of a paperless system, we provide a paperless invoicing process transmitted by email which indirectly lowers our carbon footprint.

Should on any occasion paper is collated within the office space this is disposed of onsite by our outsourced provider. All destroyed paper is then 100% recycled.