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Bubblegum Air Freshener

Designed to release a pleasant fragrance to eliminate odours, this Air Freshener is a concentrated liquid air freshener product that can be diluted up to 1:10.


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Bright Clean

This product is a very concentrated non-acidic wheel cleaner that works effectively and economically at removing stubborn traffic film and dirt from all wheel surfaces.

For general wheel cleaning, dilute up to 5 parts of water. For use as a traffic film remover, dilute up to 100 parts water.

Be sure to rinse off thoroughly with water after use to prevent staining or corrosion.


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General Purpose Cleaner

This product is a superb multi-purpose cleaner and deodoriser developed to clean a multitude of hard and soft surfaces such as walls, floors, worktops and upholstery/plastics.


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Glass Cleaner

An advanced solvent based cleaner for the rapid spray on – wipe off cleaning of all glass surfaces, windows, mirrors and windscreens.

This product incorporates a highly effective surfactant in a solvent solution and is silicone free.

For maximum economy and effectiveness, apply sparingly. Wipe with a clean, lint free, cloth or paper to spread the fluid and shine up the glass surface.

Avoid contact with solvent sensitive surfaces.


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Interior Dressing

A superb easy to use multi purpose plastic dressing specially developed to quickly give a new natural lustre to vehicle interior components.

Restores exterior trim to a deep natural lustre.

Contains anti-static agents to repel dust and grime.


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Leather Cleaner

A ready to use, mild and gentle product for cleaning leather upholstery.


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Long Life Tyre Dressing

A specially formulated solvent based treatment for a multitude of rubber surfaces including tyres and mudflaps etc. This product will restore rubber to a new and natural finish and has a lasting effect.

Apply with a spray bottle and wipe to an even finish using brush or sponge pad.

Brush or wipe off any excess and allow to dry.


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Low Hazard TFR

Low Hazard TFR is designed to penetrate and remove even the toughest soils from a variety of surfaces, including heavy stubborn dirt, oil and grease stains


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Scarlett Wheel Cleaner

A pH neutral cleaner for the effective, non-corrosive cleaning of Wheels. Removes light corrosion and is safe to use on surfaces including aluminium and ceramics.


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Snow Foam

A special vehicle cleaning shampoo for use with a pressure washing foam system creating a more effective and brushless cleaning technique with a high quality finish.

This foaming shampoo may be left in place for a few minutes in order to derive a prolonged cleaning effect and is easily rinsed away with water leaving your vehicle with a protective shine. This product can also be used in high pressure machines.

Normal working concentration is in the order of 1 – 5 % using hot or cold water.


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