General Purpose Cleaner

General Purpose Cleaner

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This product is a superb multi-purpose cleaner and deodoriser developed to clean a multitude of hard and soft surfaces such as walls, floors, worktops and upholstery/plastics.

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The General Purpose Cleaner rapidly removes oil, grease, nicotine and dirt and can be applied with a sponge, mop or cloth. For first-class results on workshop floors use an automated floor scrubbing machine.

The following dilution rates should be applied to achieve the desired results:

  • Heavy degreasing 1:10,
  • Steam cleaning, paintwork and plastics 1:50 – 1:100,
  • Upholstery and sensitive plastics 1:150.

Apply the solution to the soiling to be cleaned. In most applications rub on and wipe off. Rinse well when cleaning metals, glass, paintwork or when a residue could be determined.

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