Wheel Cleaner and Dressings

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  • Ali Wheels Red Acid

    £11.03£34.13 (excl. VAT)

    A concentrated acidic cleaner to brighten and enhance the appearance of alloy wheels.

  • Long Handle Brush

    £3.70 (excl. VAT)

    Ideal for cleaning large wheels, or hard to reach areas on vehicles

  • Scarlet Wheel Cleaner

    £30.09£124.95 (excl. VAT)

    A pH neutral cleaner for the effective, non-corrosive cleaning of Wheels. Removes light corrosion and is safe to use on surfaces including aluminium and ceramics.

  • Tyre and Trim

    £15.23£55.29 (excl. VAT)

    A fast and effective tyre and trim dressing that leaves an attractive “as new” appearance. May be used on tyres, mats, plastic interior and exterior trim. Tyre and Trim is solvent and silicone free and may be applied to wet surfaces.




  • Alloy Shine

    £10.50£320.00 (excl. VAT)

    High active, heavy duty, acid free alkaline cleaner. Removes brake dust from alloy wheels and plastic hubcaps.

  • Bright Clean

    £14.50£320.00 (excl. VAT)


    This product is a very concentrated non-acidic wheel cleaner that works effectively and economically at removing stubborn traffic film and dirt from all wheel surfaces.

    For general wheel cleaning, dilute up to 5 parts of water. For use as a traffic film remover, dilute up to 100 parts water.

    Be sure to rinse off thoroughly with water after use to prevent staining or corrosion.

  • Tyre Shine 5Ltr/25Ltr/200Ltr

    £12.95£316.00 (excl. VAT)

    A durable glycerin non silicone based tyre dressing suitable for all rubber surfaces.

    This product restores tyres and delivers an attractive lasting gloss effect.

    Avoid use on interior rubber mats as may make the surface slippery.

    Apply with a trigger spray or brush and apply evenly around tyre to give a gloss finish.

  • Long Life Tyre Dressing – 5ltr/25ltr/200Ltr

    £25.50£115.00 (excl. VAT)

    A specially formulated solvent based treatment for a multitude of rubber surfaces including tyres and mudflaps etc. This product will restore rubber to a new and natural finish and has a lasting effect.

    Apply with a spray bottle and wipe to an even finish using brush or sponge pad.

    Brush or wipe off any excess and allow to dry.