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Chemi- Cut 1
Chemi- Cut 1

Chemi – Cut 1

£12.50 (excl. VAT)

Chemi – Cut 1: Medium cutting Compound for rejuvenation of faded or damaged paintwork, suitable for both machine and hand use. Restores oxidised paint, light scratches and swirls, sandind marks and fuel and bird lime stains. After process has been completed use Chemi – Fine 2 the ultimate glass like finish, use Chemisure Extra Wax for the final protection if desired. Product doesen’t contain silicone.

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Direction for use.

Ensure Paintwork is clean and dry, for machine applications apply to the vehicle or machine compounding polish pad, covering up to 3 square feet at a time until the surface is smooth, avoid panel edges and high spots, once compounding process is complete remove excess product with a clean dry microfibre cloth, for hand application apply with a damp cloth treat small areas at a time using parallel strokes until blemishes have been removed, avoid panel edges and high spots, the cutting effect can be reduced by the addition of small amounts of water.


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