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Complete Detailing Range with Bucket

Complete Detailing Range with Bucket
Complete Detailing Range with Bucket

Complete Detailing Range with Bucket

£55.00 (excl. VAT)

Detailing Range:

  • Apple Snow Foam
  • GLO
  • GT2 Pro
  • Matte Protect Shampoo
  • Reflection
  • Scarlett Wheels
  • Super Interior Dressing
  • Vivid Quick Detailer

Includes Wash Bucket



Apple Snow Foam

This is a premium snow foam containing a finishing gloss treatment. It is a powerful cleaner but contains no caustic or harmful chemicals and will easily clean and leave a premium gloss finish

This foaming shampoo may be left in place for a few minutes to derive a prolonged cleaning affect and is easily  rinsed away with water leaving your vehicle with a protective, high-gloss shine.


Vinyl/Rubber & Plastic dressing. A unique blend of solvents developed for use as a highly effective treatment on vinyl, rubber and plastic.

Eliminates the needs for using several products and is superb at dressing engine compartments, rubber tyres and plastics. Do not use on rubber mats or brake pedals.

GT2 Pro

Professional multi-functional vehicle preparation cleaner, a true all-rounder.

A powerful caustic free formulation suitable for cleaning a wide range of automotive surfaces, from wheels and paintwork to interior plastics and trims.

Matte Protect Shampoo

A highly sophisticated biodegradable foaming shampoo developed for the effective removal of traffic film on specialist and commercial vehicles.

This great pH-neutral formulation is safe to use one all vehicles, including those that are matte painted or wrapped, leaving a streak-free waxy finish.


An advanced solvent-based cleaner for the rapid spray on-wipe off cleaning off all glass surfaces, windows, mirrors and windscreens.

This product incorporates a highly effective surfactant in a solvent solution and is silicone free.

Scarlett Wheels

This is a fantastic pH-neutral Fallout remover & Wheel cleaner is used for the effective removal of iron contamination on paintwork and other surfaces.

This is a fantastic non-corrosive wheel cleaner and is safe for use on all wheel types.

Super Interior Dressing

A superb easy to use multi-purpose plastic and vinyl dressing specially developed to quickly give a new natural luster to vehicle interior components.

Restores exterior trim to a deep sheen. Contains anti-static agents to repel dust and grime . This is a silicone emulsion-based product.

Vivid Quick Detailer

The ultimate quick detailing spray. It delivers a highly durable, hydrophobic finish which is quick and easy to apply.

It is safe on all paintwork, plastics, metals and car surrounds. It will not degrade waxes or sealants.