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Chemisure Air-Con Sanitiser Marine

Air-Con Sanitiser Marine
Air-Con Sanitiser Marine

Chemisure Air-Con Sanitiser Marine

£5.95 (excl. VAT)

Aircon Sanitiser has been exclusively formulated as an easy to use, safe solution to eliminate odours emitted from air conditioning systems .It will kill bacteria, mould and fundi found throughout the air conditioning system and will also effectively deodorise the vehicle cabin.




Remove filters from the recirculation system, ensure all windows and doors are closed and start engine. Switch on air conditioning system and set to lowest temperature & re-circulate internal air options. Ensure fascia vents are open and set the fan blower to half speed. Shake can well. Position the can upright in the passenger footwell, ensuring the trigger is facing the rear of the vehicle and that your face is well away from the can`s nozzle, depress the trigger into the lockdown position. Exit the vehicle and close the door allowing the can to discharge for 10 minutes. Set the controls to normal settings and run the engine for a further 5 minutes. Turn the engine off remove and dispose the aerosol can, leave door open and allow the vehicle to air for 15 minutes before driving.

SIZE 150 ml.