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Chemi-Fine 2
Chemi-Fine 2

Chemi – Fine 2

£13.50 (excl. VAT)

Chemi – Fine 2 will effectively remove imperfections such as oxidation, scratches, over spray and orange peel effects, either with a machine polisher or by hand, with minimum effort. Chemi Fine 2 compound is ideal for removing minor scratches and swirls while leaving a higher gloss finish. Can be used to bring back the ultimate showroom shine on oxidised paintwork or to create a superior finish after using Medium or Coarse Compounds. Product doesn’t contain silicone.

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Directions for use.

Ensure Paintwork is clean and dry, for machine applications apply to the vehicle or machine polishing pad, covering up to 3 square feet at a time until the surface is smooth, avoid panel edges and high spots, once compounding process is complete remove excess product with a clean dry microfibre cloth, for hand application apply with a damp cloth treat small areas at a time using Parallel strokes until blemishes have been removed, avoid panel edges and high spots.

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