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Nobile Ozone Sanitiser

No: CR/05/26

Attacks the various organic compounds by oxidizing and inactivating them(mites, bacteria, fungi, molds, viruses, eg Legionnaires' disease). Ozone regenerates the interior of a the vehicle guaranteeing microbiological safetly on leather, fabrics, carpets, air conditioning with a simple, effective and environmentally friendly ECOTECH system. Simple to use – it also allows the vehicle to be perfumed, if required, by means of interchangeable fragrance cartridges – reusable and cost effective. The entire process can take as little as only 22 minutes and vehicle can be driven immediately. Get a competitive advantage in the market by differentiating, improving the quality of your services while reducing costs.

1. Mobile operation
2. Simply place the Ozone machine in the vehicle, turn on the air - con to recycle and start the unit
3. The control panel will display the selected program and cycle time.
4. Close the doors and re - enter when the cycle is complete.
5. The vehicle will be safe to use straight away unlike some other treatments

From £2450.00

UNIQUE SYSTEMS AND PATENTED IN EUROPE European industrial invention patent 2 433 909 European industrial invention patent 2 010 828 Our patents guarantees and respects the Current Regulations regarding the occupational safety, by eliminating the residual ozone before the staff or client access to the interior space!